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Download workflow

12 - Quasar

I'm trying to validate some published workflows by calling the gallery API, downloading the app and checking the XML for my check.

The issue I'm finding is I can download the app with the{appID}/package endpoint.


The issue I'm finding is I don't know how to interact with the downloaded blob. It appears to be a yxzp file but it won't open in Alteryx and I can't extract it 7zip to examine the contents. Because of this, I can't further process the XML to validate what I'm wanting to.


How do I process and interact with the downloaded apps?


11 - Bolide

I haven't used the app you mentioned, but I inspect the XML of my workflows by right-clicking the .yxmd then "Edit with Notepad++". Save the Notepad++ file as an xml and it will be nicely formatted. There's also a Notepad++ plugin to compare XML files.