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Inspire 2015: Tips & Tricks

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Inspire 2015 is in the books !

Thanks again to those of you who participated in our Tips & Tricks sessions, we sure had a lot of fun hosting them, we were hoping for interactive sessions where our attendees would chime in with their own tips & tricks... and that's how it was, we are blessed with smart & kind users. THANKS !!

As promised, here is the PDF file with all the Tips & Tricks we gathered for this year's conference, if you would like your tips & tricks to be included in next years book - you'll be given full credit =), just send me an email at support@alteryx.com and title : Inspire 2016 Tips & Tricks.

* Workflow packager extension is yxzp, not yxwz as stated in pages #2 and #15

See you next year at the Tips & Tricks session !

Margarita, Mike & Paul
Customer Support