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Input String was not in correct format


Some users have reported a problem when importing and exporting macros within the Alteryx Designer when the Regional Settings for the machine are not set to English (United Kingdom) or English (United States) (see screenshots below). You may also be unable to see personalized Macro folders within the Designer. They encounter the following error:"Input string was not in a correct format.”


The workaround for this is to switch the Regional Settings to the regions named above and you will then be able to import, export macros and see personalized macro folders within the designer categories.



The screenshots below demonstrate what the users will see when they try to import and export workflows with other Regional Settings than English (United Kingdom) or English (United States).




LOcal 1.png


Local 2.png




To find Region and Language settings in Windows 7, please navigate to the Control Panel>>>Clock, Language and Region>>Region and Language. For more information on Localization please see this link:





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Hey @JordanB - thank you for the explanation of this!

Would it be possible to request a change to this process so that the error message points to the regional settings - that may help to alleviate the support load?


Thank you Jordan