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How To Select Custom Colors in the Report Map Tool


The Report Map tool allows the user to define theme settings/ranges and to modify the size, icon, and color of the display for each range, and this can be done rather easily.

First, in the Map tool on the Data tab, pick which column you would like to theme off in the Thematic Field selection area:

Once this column is selected, go to the Layers tab in the Map tool and expand the layer options for your theme layer. Click on the Theme and options will appear on the right. For the purpose of defining your own theme settings, you will want the Tile Method to be on Unique Value, which gives the Specific Values area. 

The Specific Values area is where you list what you want to theme on. For this example, we are theming off the DMA_Name so you would enter each of the DMA names you would like to theme. If you have a lot of ranges, you could also use a Summarzie tool in your module and Group By your theme column, thus giving you a list of your theme values. Run the module once to populate the Browse tool and you can then click and hold on the first row and drag down to the row of your choosing, selecting them all. Ctrl+C will copy the rows and you can paste them into the Specific Values area using Ctrl+V

Once the values are entered, click on Refresh and a layer option will show up for each of the theme values you set.

Now that the theme values are layers, you can go to the Style option under each layer and change the Point Style, bring in a Custom Point, change the Size, Color, modify the Outline Color and Outline Size.

If you don't define all the values that are contained in the data you are bringing thru, the Map tool also provides options on what to do with these.

This can also be done with number ranges with a few small changes. For Tile Method, choose Manual Tile. Enter in the cutoff for each range that you would like to be able to theme.

Hit Refresh and the new layers for the theme ranges will be displayed, allowing you to modify each one. Also note that layers are created for the ranges below and above what you specify in the Cutoff Values area.