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Copying and Pasting Tabular Data From a Browse Tool


Copy:  Data can be copied directly from a Browse tool, just highlight the cells by clicking and dragging, much like you would in an old-fashioned spreadsheet.  In the top right hand corner of the Browse tool’s Properties, click on the “Copy to Clipboard” button, four choices will appear.  For this demonstration, we have chosen “Selected Cells with Headers”, the data is now copied to our clipboard.


Paste:  To paste the data into a module, try the technique mentioned above.  Simply right click on your canvas and click Paste.

Bonus Thought: Suppose you are developing a large module, and you’ve employed Tool Containers as a part of your module’s design process.  How might you use the above method of copy/pasting data to eliminate the need to Run the completed portions of your module, but still supply data to downstream processes that you are working on?

Answer: Place a Browse at the output of a completed Tool Container process; copy the contents of the Browse and paste them onto the Canvas as a Text Input.  Disable the Tool Container and use the Text Input as a substitute feed while you complete your module.