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UiPath Integration

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I am currently building a bot that accesses Alteryx Designer and executes a workflow using UiPath. Part of this process involves adjusting the file path of the data inputs in the workflow. Unfortunately, UiPath's Ui Explorer does not have the ability to identify individual data input icons.


Is there an API call or an alternate method that I can use to adjust the file paths of the data inputs in my workflow using UiPath?




Hi @ryannealon,


I think this is possible. If you convert your workflow into an analytical app where the user can choose which files to use for the workflow, using the file select tool in the interface category, this will create new parameters that can be used at execution time on the command prompt. From there we can create a process in UiPath that updates the command to use the files you want rather than choosing an icon on your file browser




for example, this is an app that I use through a python process, the xml needed to execute the command is built though python and then run, similarly you can edit the xml of the application using UiPath and the using that for execution