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Removing sub totals

5 - Atom

Hi all, i have a set of financial management accounts that contain various sub totals and KPi rows that I want to remove so i can be left with the source data only and then go on to create my sub totals in excel later. How do i remove unwanted rows without manually filtering the row title of each specific unwanted row? It seems quite manual to me

11 - Bolide

Hi @georgeowen96,


It is difficult to answer without seeing an example of the data, but typically with these datasets there is a consistent way to designate a sub-total row versus a source data row. For example, the sub total rows may not have an account number tied to it, so you could do something like [Account Number]!=Null()


If you can give us a better idea of the data that would be helpful!



12 - Quasar

Hi, @georgeowen96 


You can:

  • transform the incoming flow, tag unneeded rows, filter, and crosstab for output
  • use muti-row to tag unneeded rows, filter, and output
  • use select records to filter (if your schema is fixed and predictable)

Kindly provide before and after samples; the community will impact you more meaningfully. 👍