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My post in the Designer community keeps getting marked as spam, what am I doing wrong?

5 - Atom

Hi, I'm trying to post for help in the Designer community, but it keeps marking it as spam. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I am posting a table with how the data is coming in, a table for how it want it to look coming out, and I have tried attaching both a CSV version of the input data as well as a workflow packaged with the input data. Is any of that not allowed? Or is there something I'm just missing for how to not get marked as spam?

21 - Polaris

Hi @MaddSage 


Click on the top 3 dots at the right top and click on notify moderator to raise a concern. They might help you understand the issue.




Hope this helps : )


17 - Castor

You mean your post is marked as spam?
or the emal from alteryx is marked as spam by your mail sysytem?

If it is the first, I agree with @atcodedog05 , we should let the moderator knows, though I never experienced such.