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Logging workflow metadata after run to Database

6 - Meteoroid

Hi All!


I have a use case where we need to log every run of a workflow as a new row in a database table.  Basically we need to output various elements of the results window into a SQL Server DB.  Such as, rows inserted/update, length of workflow run, rows queried, source db/file path, etc.


I can't imagine I am the only one who has come up against this...just looking to see if anyone out there has solved it.



13 - Pulsar

We have been wanting to do the same thing.  Haven't gotten around to it yet.

I've previously done some searching and read through quite a few related posts on this message board.  See list below.


A few of my favorite posts:



Other related posts:


To improve debugging, use the List Runner tool in combination with
the Log Parser tool. The Log Parser tool will parse the log into an Alteryx
data table. The table will indicate not only the specific module, but
also the tool ID and its related description at the source of the error. 




6 - Meteoroid

Thanks Chris!  Much appreciated!


I'm still curious why being able to write out logging data isn't out of the box capability.  Seems like simple value add functionality.



13 - Pulsar

Agreed.  The last link is an Idea, waiting for a few more upvotes.