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Leveraging R packages not installed in the custom R Alteryx install in an application for the Alteryx Gallery?

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My team is developing an Alteryx application to be published to the Alteryx gallery. This application will leverage R packages not installed in the custome R Alteryx install. The packages we're interested in leveraging are:


These are fairly standard packages in the prdictive analytics space. What can be done to include them in the Alteryx Gallery?
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Hi Paul, the proper protocol is to email with the packages that you need installed and it will be brought to the attention of the product managers for review, or just post here.  Your request was forwarded soon after you posted, and is currently under review and testing.  
Ultimately, the testing is to make sure new packages are compatible with existing packages in addition to making sure they are not malicious.  The packages you need are pretty standard, but we also need to go through a testing process to make sure they won’t break the existing packages. 

Thank you!

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Can you use the install.packages() function within an R code Icon? If you then placed it in a container, the user has the option of running that Icon upon first execution then disabling afterwards.
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For anyone who is interested in doing this within the R Developers tool in a custom way, please see:
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Thanks that works ( though it downloads the custom  lib  each time the R tool runs)

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Hi Morgan,

Just a thought (I didn't tried this) but did you tried to use ".libPaths()" to point to your workflow directory? 

That would (in theory) your R packages available as "local" resources.


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I can't install packages within the Alteryx R tool because I can't write to the path R is in, so I installed the packages within R Studio and copied them over to the Alteryx location like was somewhat suggested above.

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On a side, What are you using the packages for that you cant use normal Alteryx tools? eg. plyr & reshape with transpose and cross tab, stringr using regex formulas, lubridate by converting to a datetime field.


I would love to know the reasoning behind needing those packages in Alteryx

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I needed to use RSiteCatalyst to use Omniture APIs

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Excelent!!!! It helped me a lot. Thank youl