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Alteryx tool for getting matched word in new column.

5 - Atom

I need tool/formula in Alteryx. ( I tried Formula, REGEX_CountMatch, Formula, Multirow )


I have a text field of 255 characters and my require word can be anywhere in the description text.


1. Help require to install Alteryx.

2. Unable to configure Alteryx application. 

3.Alteryx is showing error when open. 

4. Alteryx Crashing after i click on it.


I need to find the reasons mentioned in the above text ( Install, Configure, Error and Crashing) then need them in new column using Alteryx tool.

Currently above tools shows number after creating new column but not the result. 

19 - Altair
19 - Altair

Can you give a sample input and output? 😂

8 - Asteroid

Challenge #11 may be a helpful reference for you.


You can make a text input with the following data in 1 column named "Search":








Create a record ID of your dataset (going to call it "Text" here and I'm assuming you have lots of text data in separate rows).


Append the "Search" text input to your dataset so that each row of "Text" data is duplicated 4x, 1 for each "Search" issue type.


Then make a formula like this in a new column called "FindString":  FindString([Text],[Search])


This will spit out a value if if finds one of your search parameters (Install, Configure, Error or Crashing) in your "Text" data row.  If it doesn't find one of those words then it will return -1 otherwise it will return the value where the string was found in the text.


You can filter out all -1 values.


Since you appended the "Search" data to your original "Text" data, you should be able to tell what type of issue was flagged.  You can group/summarize your data to show you this information as needed.



5 - Atom

You can use find/replace tool to identify the word in the column and then assign that key word the column if you use an input that is just a list of the four words. If you click open example under Find and Replace tool and then go down to the "Append Column (Instead of Replace)" I think that is what you need.