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Error: Oracle not detected or OCI.dll not found

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


About the Oracle Client Directory

This directory was generated by the Alteryx install script, and contains an instance of the Oracle Instant Client. Oracle Instant Client is a collection of installed Oracle Database libraries for connecting Alteryx Designer to local or remote Oracle Databases. There’s no need for "tnsnames.ora" file.


The Oracle client setting is located in your UserSettings.xml file, located in "\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Alteryx\Engine\[Current_Version_Number]". This file is used to load your Designer settings during startup. You can open this file in notepad and look for the "OracleInstantClientInstallPath" element within the XML. In my case, it looks something like this:




You can use this to check the location of your Oracle Instant Client or install a new one as well. To install a new one, you can:

  • Find the "instantclient_12_1" folder (from the UserSettings.xml file) and move it to a different location
  • Restart Alteryx Designer
  • Try to connect to Oracle in Designer and you should receive a message “Oracle Client Not Found”. From here, you can re-install the client.unable2.png




8 - Asteroid

I was facing an issue of selecting an install location for the Oracle Instant Client driver, and my selection not working.

For example, I selected 'C:/Alteryx' as my install location and was getting an error ''Alteryx was unable to download or extract the oracle instant client driver zip file"


I checked my 'UserSettings.xml file' per Digan's suggestion above, and did not have any install location for OracleInstantClientInstallPath


I re-tried installing the Oracle Instant Client from Alteryx but this time set my install path as 'C:\Alteryx Oracle Drivers' and that made everything work 🙂

8 - Asteroid

Hi @DiganP , Is there any way the OCI folder can be linked/mapped without having to do the default installation from within Alteryx Designer? That's needed for offline setup where the server is only accessible through a private network (no internet access) but it's required to access Oracle DB which sits on the same network.


Many Thanks,


11 - Bolide

This is great for re-pointing the directory for Designer installed locally, but what about re-pointing the directory on the Server?  Where would this setting live?  I can't seem to find it in any of the known config files.