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tsv file support

Can you add .tsv files as a file format in input/output tools in Alteryx? Can it also be recognized as an 'All Data Files' format?

12 - Quasar

If .tsv means tab-delimited, it is already supported by changing the delimiter to in the input/output tools. You could also specify any other character (e.g. pipes - |; tildes - ~; carets - ^). The \0  delimiter is also really useful...

7 - Meteor
Thanks for the feedback. What would be nice if these tab delimted files were natively recognized as a data file. To find these file types now, I have have to change the file type in input tool to 'All Files (*.*)' and then I can select the tsv file. That's cumbersome...
6 - Meteoroid

Input tool to 'All Files (*.*) then set delimiter to '\t' does the trick

5 - Atom


Minor correction to the previous comment: Input tool to 'Comma-Delimited  Text Files  (*.csv) then set delimiter to '\t' 

8 - Asteroid

There should be a dropdown for common delimiters in the input output tools when selecting ".CSV" -itsself a bad name for what is general character delimited outputs.


Using a slash the wrong way with tab delimited gives no good error message also saying it expects a single character when this is not the case.