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random inputs

One of the common things that I find myself doing is to create a random data-set to learn a tool or to test a theory or to build an experiment; or to load-test a flow.


It would be helpful to have a data generator input that allows you to specify some attributes, which then allows you to generate randomized outputs:

- For Int: random between X and Y; with Z rows

- For dates: random between X and Y; with z rows

- for strings; random strings of length X; with z rows; with selectors to allow for letters; whitespace; numbers; and invisible (e.g. control) characters

- Spatial



This would really make it very rapid to whip together data to test a process

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Hi @SeanAdams

Have you explored the Generate Rows tool? It can be configured to do each of the items you called out. There is an Example of this tool in action from the tool palette. Click on the Generate Rows tool and click "Open Example."


Hope this helps!


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi Tara ( @TaraM)


Thank you for the reply - I have attempted to do this using the GenerateRows tool - however I wasn't able to see how to both use GenerateRows to generate a rowcount type concept but also to generate random values within ranges.


I've attached a screenshot from an example I've whipped together in a simple workflow (sorry I didn't attach it - I can't figure out how to attach workflows to ideas since there's no browse button on the reply)


If I've missed something in the capability of GenerateRows to do this - that would be very exciting to find this additional capability, so if you can point me to an example it would be well appreciated.

Thanks Tara






17 - Castor
17 - Castor

This is similar to what @MattD mentioned in his post about #Santalytics - ( where was used to create realistic looking test data.


this seems like a very useful capability for Alteryx to have - both for the production of data to test a workflow, but also to produce data to test a down-stream visualization.   And - we could start simple - random int; double; date; date-time.

7 - Meteor

FYI James Dunkerley has built a random number generator tool that supports various distributions in I'd built my own in a couple of hours, but his is better. :)




Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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