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Hello all,

As of today, Alteryx proposes the Intelligence Suite with amazing tools never seen in a data tool, even OCR, image analysis etc.. https://www.alteryx.com/fr/products/intelligence-suite

But... these wonderful tools are part of a paid add-on. And this is what is problematic :

-Alteryx is already an expensive tool. With a huge value but honestly expensive.

-The tools in Intelligence Suite are not common in data tools because you won't use often. And paying for tools you use once or twice in a month is not easy to justify.

So, I suggest to incorpore Intelligence Suite in the core product. The Alteryx users benefit is evident so let's see the Alteryx benefits : 
-more user satisfaction
-a simpler catalog
-adding a lot of value to Designer, with the ability to communicate widely on the topic.

-almost no cost : most costumers won't buy the Intelligence Suite anyway.

Best regards,


Alteryx Server is great, but very costly.  Having the ability to install the Alteryx engine without the Designer, thus allowing you to share Workflows/Apps with users directly.  This could be licensed on a per user basis as well, but a reduced cost.

This also allows for some more advanced workflows that do not work in the Gallery.



I'm submiting this idea to put other products into alteryx students program, I think that we (students) should have access to study these products (not only the Intelligence Suite, but Server as well).

We are using silent Alteryx installation and would like to package license activation within the package. We do not want to expose Alteryx license key to the users to prevent them from sharing it with someone else. Requesting to add a flag/setting to allow admins to not display license key under Options>Manage Licenses.

Related request https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Alteryx-Designer-Discussions/Is-it-possible-to-hide-the-serial-key-...

Consider adding an on-demand, or pay-as-you-go Designer license and product to your AWS product offering.

What about allowing us to maintain the same active license / activation info on 2 devices simultaneously, but automatically deactivating the license on the other device when the program is used? Almost all software these days allows users to do full installation and activation on secondary devices, but restricts the use of the software to a number of active devices at any point in time. The current process of juggling a clunky transfer process (and temporary "demo" installs when that fails) just to be able to work on an office desktop during the day and a laptop at night / home is a brutal restriction on users.


This has been brought up many times and is always ignored. The current license approach is no longer a simple inconvenience now that we are living in the age of Covid. The ability to easily move between computers is a necessity in order for us to manage the constant unpredictable work arrangements of our modern world. Please address this issue.



I would like to suggest that the licensing process is enhanced to work more effectively within a Citrix environment that has many servers in the farm.


When using a citrix environment it is not possible to register muliple users on a single citrix server with unique email addresses as the license is removed from an existing registered user when another user registers on the same citrix server.  The License Server however does not reflect this and each user retains an allocated license on the license server even though they cannot use Alteryx Designer on the citrix desktop. 


Alteryx have provided a workaround which is to use a generic email address to register each user and in this way the licenses are not removed as each new user registers.


Unfortunatley when a user unregisters a License the license is removed from the whole machine therefore no users on the machine are then able to use Alteryx Designer.  In order to work around this we have had to schedule a daily job to run the license delete command from each server in our citrix farm. 


This is not an ideal solution.


What we would like to see is user license seperation so that we can register the license to the users own email address at login and then remove the license for just that user at logout.  This would ensure that the licenses are allocated to the user and machine as needed and we would not run the risk of running out of licenses if users log on and off different sessions over the course of a day logging on to different servers as the licenses are only revoked at the end of each day.


Ther should be a low-cost read-only licence for the Alteryx desktop designer.

Read-only means: I can use the designer normally, but I cannot save workflows. So, for example, I can adjust the path in the Input Tool and follow exactly how the data goes through the workflow, I can even edit the workflow, but I can't save my changes.


Alteryx is a very high-priced product. An own licence is only worthwhile if I use Alteryx very often.

But many users do not want to design workflows themselves at the beginning, but perhaps just run specific workflows. These users are usually not provided with a licence by the management, but only those who have many use cases with Alteryx. In practice, however, these are usually those who are already Citizen Developers anyway.

With a read-only licence, you could provide these users with workflows, but at the same time give them the opportunity to take their first steps with Alteryx. Many will want to be able to save their changes and apply for a licence upgrade.
Note: with Alteryx Gallery Server  workflows can be made available for execution. But on the one hand there is no interactivity and on the other hand it is very time-consuming to make workflows available in a user-friendly way in the Gallery Server.

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