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Alteryx currently shows 100% in the profiling of spatial fields in the results window, regardless of if there are rows with missing spatial features. I opened a ticket about this & was told it is expected behavior.


Therefore, I submit the idea that the profiling for spatial fields should give an accurate profile of the field, & if there are nulls in the field, it should identify that column isn't 100% OK and show the % of records that have null values, like the profiling does for every other column in workflows.












Thank you!


I love the new (relatively) ConsumerView Decoder Tool! I used to do it the hard way, and it was fragile.


However, one thing is still missing: the Mosaic fields (MOSAIC HOUSEHOLD and MOSAIC ZIP4) - these are output from the tool as nulls. So, not only do you not get it decoded, you have to join back to the input to get the fields back as they were.


First, at least please pass them through as they were.


But preferably, decode them to the Mosaic Segment/Group names.


I realize (or couldn't find) the source for the Mosaic segment definitions is not currently in a Calgary database, but the tool is in the Calgary group.

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