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SMTP Authentication with Microsoft Office 365

Alteryx does not currently have to email tool that is configurable to use SMTP Authentication for Microsoft Office 365 or any server requiring authentication.  Our office printer can authenticate over SMTP and with TLS enabled why not my Alteryx mail tool - 'mic drop!'


Further explained, Alteryx is a tool that needs to live within abide by the policies and security standards in the organization not vice versa.  Therefore, it shouldn't be a big surprise, or a big ask for that matter, that a mail client should have the ability to authenticate prior to sending email of SMTP.   I'm very surprised this tool is so arcane.  Please implement quickly.  Thank you

5 - Atom
For me to leverage the Email tool, I need to authenticate the SMTP so the server recognizes who I am.  Currently, Alteryx does not have a way to authenticate the SMTP so this tool is of no use for my organization.  I am sure there are many other organizations who have a similar protocol so it would be nice to have an authentication tool that can authenticate whatever the user desires.
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
I just had a request from Glenn from BCG to expand our email tool a bit more and allow for outside email services like Gmail and Hotmail. 
6 - Meteoroid
Hi, I also recently experienced the same issue. Submitted a ticket to Alteryx Support, and they recommended I add this to this thread.

We are fully a Google Apps for business shop...all of our emails are sent/received using Gmail accounts. Our intent is to move as much infrastructure onto cloud based platforms as possible.

Being able to use the 'Email Tool' in all email situations would be most helpful. 

Here are the notes from the original ticket submitted to Alteryx Support:

Steps to reproduce:
1. Logged into desktop running Windows 8.1, using Google Apps for Business Email service
2. Opened the Analytic App .yxwz file, enter relevant information. Note that source data is in MS Access database, and results in emails being sent to specific users based on email address data stored in the MS Access database
3. Run the Analytic App. Note progress bar, and that several emails may be successfully sent
4. After some time running, an error appears: email (202): record #2  invalid email error for specific users
- the email actually appears to be getting delivered...however, the module stops running after the error is received.
This occurs on 3 different emails so far. It is preventing us from using the email option effectively in a production environment
5 - Atom
Based on the discussion with support today, it seems that the Alteryx Email tool  in 9.5 assumes that you are attempting to send via SMTP without authentication over a secure LAN.

"We do not support e-mailing from an online service yet. It has to be a local intranet."

However I found that setting up an online SMTP service, then allowing anuathenticated sending that was secured by IP address worked with the Alteryx email tool no problem.

I created a free account with the FROM email address I wanted to use at I then added the public IP address of my laptop connected to a residential ISP to the "More > IP Authentication" list of Non-auth IP addresses.

Then in the Alteryx Email tool, I deselected "Autodetect SMTP" and manually entered "", then set the FROM to the same email address as the one used to set up the account at

It would still be nice to have an authenticted send option on the Alteryx Email tool, that could leverage existing online SMTP accounts via authenticted send.

11 - Bolide

Totally agree. We have a similar issue at work where we need to authenticate to a SMTP server in order to send emails out.

6 - Meteoroid
Hi Richard, when you were working on this solution, did you get this kind of error "Error: Email (43): Record#1: Unable to send email: "Error with Recipients:"? I'm trying with other ports as well as, but no success...
6 - Meteoroid
nevermind. apparently i used up my "free" daily limit and so everything was getting rejected. it works!!
7 - Meteor

Please consider adding Gmail email access. My company also just moved off of Exchange and onto Gmail and I'm noticing all of my workflows that trigger emails are failing.


Please help resolve this ASAP!

7 - Meteor

I'd like to add support for better Gmail integration. Our workflows are being rate limited, even though we're only sending email to ourselves internally :(

11 - Bolide


When you’re setting the tool to Autodetect SMTP, the tool is communicating directly with the target email server and trying to deliver the email, as per Ned’s post in this community link:


Since the tool is trying to connect to the target email server to deliver the messages, you are at the mercy of the target server accepting the connection hence it will always be a hit or miss process.

In my case:

So there is no solution for me, because our smtp server need always an authenticated (user, password) and our IP is dynamicly.


For me it would be nessasary the Email Tool in Alteryx allow authenticated setting when setting the tool to no Autodetect SMTP. But that is not implemented.  My be it is possible in the future.
So I must wait!


I can not use the Email Tool as an error-free solution.