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Run Workflow Tool

I would like to see a Run Workflow Tool implemented which can run a specified workflow directly from the Designer. This tool would work similar to the Run Command Tool , but instead you can select the Analytical App Filename (.yxmc etc) and optional Analytical AppValues Filename (.yxwv) as parameters.


Currently you would need the Scheduler or Server licence to run a workflow via AlteryxEngineCmd.exe with the Run Command Tool, but there are legitimate uses which require a workflow to be dynamically determined within a larger workflow. I am aware of the CReW Runner Macros, but these require an additional Executable to be installed which is difficult for locked-down environments.


My example is a workflow which downloads a file list from a Web Service, there are a large number of interface items and 80% of the workflow is standardized. However the initial processing of the files is not, so either you create a workflow for each file type and map all the interface items again, include all the handled file types in one massive workflow, or, create sub workflows which transform the files which allows the minimum amount of repeating code.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

This does seem like a very useful idea - especially if the "run workflow" can run a workflow that's on the server - this way multiple teams can all use a shared workflow that is known to be good.

You can do this using the server API currently, but having a dedicated tool would make this much more approachable to newer users.

5 - Atom

Orchestration of workflows is a critical missing feature for enterprise/server deployment, i.e. enabling development of sub-workflows as reusable  components which can be orchestrated into "master" workflows/schedules

6 - Meteoroid

We would love a tool that could run workflows on the server. Seems like a tool should be able to easily communicate with itself

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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