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Replace All

Maybe it was a lack of planning, but I've had a need to rename a variable within a workflow and would like to (outside of the XML view) be able to rename the variable so that downstream tools don't have to be reconfigured (e.g. formula, join, union).  

12 - Quasar

Yes a Replace References menu option could achieve this. Find all fields referencing field [FieldA] and replace with [FieldB]

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Accepted

The problem you describe here is common and everyone runs into it as you never get the field names right the first time through.  We are working on a design to give all fields unique id's so if one is changed upstream, downstream tools can be updated with the new field name.  In addition, we think having an id for each field will allow us to provide more information on transformations for a particular field throughout the workflow.


Thanks for the request!

7 - Meteor

After just spending 15 mins replacing a field used in several calculations, I am looking forward to this feature!

9 - Comet

I think this would be great but also I'd like to ask that Aleryx make it a feature that is optional. There are certain situations where you would not want to cascade replacing of this nature to all fields.

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

This will save herds of time- and if the functionality will work like @BenG alluded to (where the variable name is really just a handle on an underlying variable ID; so that all references to this variable can update in a cascade automatically) - that would be a HUGE time-saver in a task that is currently non-value added waste right now.


I do agree with @wale_ilori though - 95% of the time when I rename a field I want this to cascade - but 5% I actually want it to break downstream so that I can change something - so a simple question box "Do you want to cascade this downstream" would be brillant.

5 - Atom

Has anything been made available? I would like to change a field monthly and have the change cascade through the workflow.

8 - Asteroid


Can we have an update on this please?

This is an awesome feature and would save so much time if it was implemented


Status changed to: Implemented

Thank you for this suggestion! Starting with 20.3, which was just released, you can find/replace values in the XML of a workflow using the find window. Download 20.3 at:

6 - Meteoroid

I'm anything but an Alteryx expert (yet) but I have a question about the find and replace feature.  Can it enable me to find and replace text strings that can be seen when you open a workflow by right-clicking > open with > notepad?  In Notepad I can see a string of text that is my encrypted password for connectors that I have to databases in my company.


Specifically, I have a ton of workflows that all contain several of these connectors each to databases that require password credentials.  Those passwords expire every two months so as you can imagine, I have a lot of updating to do to all those connectors.  Could this new feature enable me to search for the encrypted text string and replace them all at the same time including workflows that are in all sub-folders as well?


Thanks in advance for any help.

9 - Comet

@urgatorb8 Interesting question. I haven't downloaded the newest version to test out this replace feature yet but previously to replace encrypted strings, I would create a connection in Alteryx, save the file and then open it up in xml and replace the encrypted string in the workflow I'd like to update with the one I retrieve from the new file just created and it would work flawlessly so I'd expect this would do the same if it works the way I think it should. If not, then at least you have this workaround.