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PhoneHome details to include canvas filename and details

We've been looking into the phoneHome information that collects usage of Designer in the enterprise, and it looks like this data set (in the UsageReports collection, I believe).

Please can you add the CanvasFilename that was run to this data - we need to be able to surveil the use of Alteryx in our enterprise which is not being done within the server environment, and without the canvas name this becomes tremendously difficult.







cc: @BenG @avinashbonu @Deeksha @BenBu @revathi

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @JohnPelletier 

This may not be something that every customer would want, and in fact many customers would want to protect the name of the canvas.

So the best solution would be to make this a configurable settings (possibly in RunTimeSettings.XML) at the designer level.



Status changed to: Implemented

With Customer Managed Telemetry, released in 2021.4, you should now be able to get all of these workflow details at run time! See link to some more info on the details provided and how to configure: https://help.alteryx.com/search?query=customer%20managed%20telemetry  😁