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Output Browse Tool

When developing a module, I generally BROWSE the final data until I'm ultimately ready to generate output.  Then I need to add or replace a browse tool with an output tool.  Perhaps a general purpose output tool could save time for developers where the output tool functions as a browse tool until the output is actually checked on the tool configuration.

Taking this a step further, if an output is defined and the module is executed one could have a row limit on the read of data into the browse function of an output tool and see the first N records within a browse/output tool.

Sneak Peek.


7 - Meteor

The browse tool also has output functionality that could save you some time until the "browse everywhere" functionality comes with the next release.  There is a little disk in the upper right corner that you can click and map the file to your hard drive.
11 - Bolide

Slightly off the track, but definitely related to this topic.

I'd like like to propose decommissioning the Browse Tool itself. Here's how it would work.


So far Browse Tool is helpful for mid-stream data sanity check...

But a complex workflow will need so many Browse Tools, thereby wasting a lot of canvas space and unnecessarily complicating / slowing the workflow further.





Expected Browse:

Clicking on any tool should automatically populate its results in the Results window without the need of Browse Tool.


1) Tools with a single output: Clicking on the tool or its output plug should reveal its data (ex: Summarize Tool)


2) Tools with more than one output: Clicking on each of the output plug should reveal its data (ex: Join)





BONUS: Clicking on the input plug of a tool should reveal its input data








11 - Bolide
Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Implemented

I'm updating this idea to implemented as the ability to export data from a Browse tool and the ability to convert a Browse Tool to a Output Data Tool has been implemented in a previous release.