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Jump to #x expression from error of parse error on formula

I want to jump to expression #3 of formula (3), when I see following error message. Now I can jump to formula (3), but only expression #1 is opened, not #3. If I have 30 expressions, it is hard to find #20 in 30s.



21 - Polaris
21 - Polaris

I would also love this function to be realized and help me debug my formula 👍

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

hi @Tokimatsu we appreciate the feedback! We’re doing our best to ensure all product ideas are reviewed and commented on by Alteryx when the necessary criteria are met. Be sure to check out our updatedSubmission Guidelines for any board or criteria related questions! 

Status changed to: Under Review

Designer product team is investigating inclusion of this idea in conjunction with other requested feature updates for the Formula tool (specifically, we are looking to make it easier to identify a formula/expression # within the formula tool, not necessarily jumping automatically to that expression #, but should at least be easier to find #20 in a list of 30)... Stay tuned!



Status changed to: Implemented

With the 2022.3 release, we've added Expression IDs to the Formula tool that should help you more quickly find the expression number with the issue going forward... while this is a slightly different implementation than the way it was originally requested, we think this delivers great value and addresses the root of the issue by making it easier to find the expression you are looking for! Thanks for the idea, and for being part of our Alteryx Community 😁