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Intelligence suite should be incorporated in core product, not a paid add-on

Hello all,

As of today, Alteryx proposes the Intelligence Suite with amazing tools never seen in a data tool, even OCR, image analysis etc..

But... these wonderful tools are part of a paid add-on. And this is what is problematic :

-Alteryx is already an expensive tool. With a huge value but honestly expensive.

-The tools in Intelligence Suite are not common in data tools because you won't use often. And paying for tools you use once or twice in a month is not easy to justify.

So, I suggest to incorpore Intelligence Suite in the core product. The Alteryx users benefit is evident so let's see the Alteryx benefits : 
-more user satisfaction
-a simpler catalog
-adding a lot of value to Designer, with the ability to communicate widely on the topic.

-almost no cost : most costumers won't buy the Intelligence Suite anyway.

Best regards,


10 - Fireball

Agree. I never did understand why there was/is an extra cost. 

Unless, if the intelligence suite is made/supported by a third party, then I guess the extra cost does make sense, as the funds would/should go to them, but if not, I can't understand the additional costs personally. 

13 - Pulsar

@Rags1982  Most of those tools are based on open-source libraries ;)

8 - Asteroid

Strongly agree.

There is no way my organization will pay almost half as much as a designer license for the intelligence suite.


For that much money there's too much competition if you do the ETL with Designer:


1) Load the file into the free tier of a competing product (which also includes LightGBM and a plethora of other tools)

2) Use a cloud API within Alteryx with a few lines of Python, train & score for a few % of the cost

3) The text analytics tools are extremely basic, APIs usually costs cents per thousand lines to process for a superior performance, especially outside of english


Adding to that, ironically the intelligence suite is often clunkier to use for machine learning as you cannot easily save the model for future scoring, and it uses excessive amounts of RAM compared to the original libraries.

Further, unless things changes in the most recent version, you cannot use the guided process in a partial way, for example to automate just the feature selection part.


All in all, it's extremely hard to justify the cost of this package, especially as Alteryx itself makes the underlying libraries available for free:


Even as a big Alteryx fan, I find the choice of making the intelligence suite a separate paid items questionable at best.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Accepting Votes
8 - Asteroid

accoridng to


Price is USD 2300 by year. Ok, cool tools but way too expensive, especially when you know how high is a designer price !! And if you consider the very low number of community post about these tools, you may think there are only very few customers while everyone here would like to use these tools. This idea alreay has 45 votes for !!


Please, Alteryx, do something, it's not such a big deal and you would make history !

4 - Baryon
Status changed to: Under Review
13 - Pulsar

Hello @xx79  Thanks for the change of status. As of today, what I can say : as a partner, it's difficult  to sell this add-on. It's expensive, it requires administrative work (for the customer), it can mostly be done by open-source libraries and while it provides value, you have to use very often to have a return on investment. And I don't think data analyst/data engineers/data scientist have to do optical recognition all day long. And of course, the Alteryx product catalog needs some rationalization/clarification with the cloud, there are waaaaaay too many "small" products (more than 10 analytics products for a brand, that's bad).

Best regards,