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IntelliSense within Alteryx

I think we would all benefit from having IntelliSense within Alteryx. Just think about how much quicker writing formulas wold be or any time you need to reference your data within the various tools.

9 - Comet

Definitely something that would be awesome to see happen.  

8 - Asteroid
Agreed. Would be a big time savings!
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Accepted
12 - Quasar

As an addition to this you should incorporate colouring and other features in the Expression writer to make the expressions easier to read - e.g. just like Tableau:



7 - Meteor

The idea is simple and widespread in many products industry wide. Basically as you type it should recommend a list of appropriate functions/variables/constants based on what you've typed so far. While tab or enter can be hit to autocomlete.



- Google has this in their search bar along with many other search tools

- Tableau has this in their calculated field box

11 - Bolide

@chris_love if you post the coloration as its own idea, I'll star it!! :-)

5 - Atom

Yes please! The smart auto complete feature greatly speeds up working with formulas and reduces errors.



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Status changed to: Coming Soon

Currently planned for the Formula tool (11.0)

12 - Quasar
This is awesome news. Can't wait to test this in beta
7 - Meteor

ReaThe Functions Section of alteryx that is used across a number of tools is fantastic in terms of flexibility however the usability could be improved.

- Improve Clarity of function descriptions. See Contains -> 'Returns true if String contains with Target'.

-Recognise and Highlight Variables in the expression such that selection and readability are Improved.


Following from this Quit often the help article for tools are not particularly informative. They usually give you the basic use instructions, however, are often lacking the more detail description of the backend process that I often need to ensure the tool is behaving correctly for the purposes I intend it for.