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Create ISERROR function

I recently had an error in a module because an expected variable was not present coming into a formula tool.  My variable, "MONDAY" was not present and the formula MONDAY/3 failed.  The workaround was to union all days into the incoming data and things worked fine.  I would have liked to have an Excel formula like this instead:


IF ISERROR([Monday]/3) THEN 0 ELSE [Monday]/3 ENDIF




This would be really useful.  It's just like the Try:Except in Python.  It can be used to send specific error messages with anticipated errors, or like above, deal with a known exception without killing the workflow.

7 - Meteor

I agree.  I use the ISERROR formula in a lot of my reporting and would not be able to complete the reporting in Alteryx without this ability.

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Alteryx Community Team
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