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Add a checkbox in the Join/Join Multiple Tools to join or not join NULL

Alteryx is unlike many BI tools in the sense that it joins NULL. It is difficult to think of another platform that has this behaviour. Either people know about this and work around it or they don't and their joins are a ticking time bomb. Please add a check box to the Join and Join Multiple tools to allow or prevent joining NULL. This will serve to remove the need for workarounds as well as educate users about this default behaviour.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Thank you for the feedback and idea!


This brings up a really interesting point about teaching our users about default behavior and it good to know in regards to the join tool and how we can improve the process for users coming from other system. I'm sure our product team will also appreciate the insight on how many users would benefit from an update like this, so to any users who come by be sure to like this idea if it would be beneficial to you.

8 - Asteroid

Potentially this can be a session setting so all tools that use an "equality test" are impacted.


formula tool 1 == null returns false in Alteryx... but in SQL it would return null.

It can be expanded to multi-row formula, filter tool, any tool where we can use boolean logic.


9 - Comet

yes please! I run into this often and have to figure out each time my join blows up that there was a null record somewhere.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
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