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Add Microsoft Dynamics Connector to Better Process Data Extraction for Marketo Data

Goal: My goals is to pull Marketo Lead Data via the Marketo Input SOAP API Connector and have specificied only 3 columns to pull for 1 day. 

Issue: It appears that the Marketo Input SOAP API Connector needs to go through all 500 + columns of lead object data before it filters out the specific request I indicated.  What this means is that to process 1 day of lead data for 3 columns of data, it takes 45 minutes plus and not ideal.

Client Services indicated that there is a limitation with the Marketo SOAP API tool and it would be best to utilize the Download tool and build a custom connection to the CRM System (Microsoft Dynamics) to get a predefined list of Lead IDs and then use that as a filter via the Marketo Input SOAP API connector. 

1.  Add Microsoft Dynamics Connector
2.  Try to innovate a better Marketo Service Connector to just grab the defined fields as opposed to go through the entire processing for all records to only filter back down to. 

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team
Status changed to: Implemented

There is a new Microsoft Dynamics CRM connectors. We have not plans at this time to implement Marketo any time soon. We will change this idea to "implemented" since we have implemented the connector and have no plans for the Marketo tool, but will reopen if we do.