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"This workflow produced no output." ... Well.. it should?

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Hey everyone!


I have a workflow that I am uploading to our local gallery. Aaaannnnd the render tool is not producing an output.

There is definitely an output in designer, but not when I run it in the gallery.


I've followed the recommendation to upload a pcxml file, and remove the path from the output file field (see screenshot)


I'm really at a loss. I've been trying to solve this for about a week now :(


Any help would be much appreciated.


Thanks very much,




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14 - Magnetar

@MonBrazier can't tell because of the drawing on the image, but have you tried something like this ".\output.pcxml"  without the quotes?

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Yes, sure have :(

Yeah sorry - I just scribbled out the file name.

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When you go to Save onto the Gallery, can you click on the blue "Manage Workflow Assets" link under "Workflow Options"?




When you do, can you just confirm that the check box next to your render tool is Checked?

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Yep - I've tried with it ticked, and without it ticked. :)




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Okay, Next question!

I've attached a VERY basic workflow (Text Input, Table, Render) that I was able to get working on my local Gallery.

Can you try saving this workflow to your Gallery to see if it produces a Render?

You can also recreate it from scratch if you'd prefer to do that.

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Yes that works :)


I was doing some playing around earlier - and it seems to work with standard tools. My workflow uses in-db tools...




It seems to not appreciate the joins? 

When I replace the joins with standard tools, and swap everything past the first join to standard tools, it works and produces an output in the gallery.

However, when I leave it as in-db tools (as pictured above) it does not produce an output....


In designer, an output is produced in both situations. :) Any ideas?

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So - this is what works:

thought I might share a screenshot.

I still need to add the additional filters and such; but the output appears in the gallery.


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I'd report that to Alteryx support!

That seems like unintended behavior.

Out of curiosity, if you add a Select tool after your last in-database tool in the "non-working" example, does it start working?

If no, try adding a text input tool with no records and unioning it to your INDB output and see what happens?

Very curious behavior :).  Glad you found some of the problem.

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Yeah it was driving me nuts! :)


I might report it to them. Unfortunately neither of your options worked :(


Thanks very much!