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how to dynamically populate a listbox in an analytic app from a file

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here is my problem :

I want to dynamically populate a listbox userd in an analytic app using values stored in a file.

the problem is that it works only after having run the app

to reproduce : load and save the app and the txt file

run it as as analytic app -> it shows all the rows of the file

modify the file by adding or removing a row

run the app as an analytic app -> it shows the same values as before


so, the question is : how shouls I design the app so that it takes the values of the file ?

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Hi @olivierMPW 


You would need to build a chain app.


1st app: creates the list of options from the file

2nd app: shows it as options in listbox.


Refer to this post : https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Dev-Space/How-to-Choose-multiple-files-in-analytic-app/m-p/823459#M...


Hope this helps : )

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here is included a little sample

test_lb.xlsx contains 2 fields, 1 category A, B and fiels contains values

appelant is the calling app

run it as analytic app typing A then B and see what happens