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create duplicate field / column

7 - Meteor

I have a column i want to duplicate (for the purposes of union and creating a new column with the common fields so that i maintain the integrity of the original data). 

I know that creating new columns is using formula.


can i have an example of the formula please?

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus
All you need to do in the formula tool is select "Add a new column", name it, and then in the formula area itself just type the name of the field you want to duplicate. So if you want to duplicate [Field1], you would Add a new column, name it something else (i.e. DuplicateField1, etc.), and then in the formula area, type [Field1]. You'll see the list of fields pop up as you start to type it. Hope that helps!

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus
New field:

[field to be copied]

That's it.
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7 - Meteor

Just ran into this thread while searching and using a regular Formula tool has a potential issue in that if we want to preserve the original field/column's data type and size then we have to manually set that. This issue crops up when building apps and macros when users can dynamically select field(s) for processing and the subsequent tools need the original's data type & size. In that case I've found the Multi-Field Formula tool to be the easiest to use since that can create duplicate fields with all info.




5 - Atom

I ran into this.  It seems that the tool should default to the source column datatype.