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Zero Rows error message and stopping R tool from running

8 - Asteroid

Problem 1:  Want to test and produce an error somewhere in my workflow has zero rows as a result...  It seems to me that nothing native to Alteryx runs if it has no rows (like append in workflow image below).  See workflow image below.


In this case I want to add an Error after the T output of the filter if there are no rows which there is in this case.


No Rows Workflow.png

Problem 2:  Same workflow image, but why does the R code run even though there is no input and how do I stop it from running if there are no input rows.


Side note why does running the above simple R code take 3s?


End result: is an error message and stopping the R code from running if it has no input rows.



18 - Pollux
18 - Pollux

Hi @Troy 


Use a Block Until Done, Count, Message tool combo for this



The config of the message tool looks like this 




You also have to set your workflow config to Cancel running workflow on error





Problem 1 and 2 get solved by this.  The R tool and indeed the rest of the workflow runs because nothing is stopping it from running.  Having no rows is not necessarily an error condition. 


It takes a few seconds to get the R environment loaded even for simple scripts.  




8 - Asteroid

Brilliant.  Thanks!