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Workflow won't save in Gallery

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I hope someone can help me.

My workflow contains Salesforce Input and Tableau Output Tools. I installed both of these tools as an admin in my Designer both in local and Server Machine.

When I try to save the workflow to the Gallery, I got this error. The workflow was saved in the Gallery but it was broken and won't run. Please see the screenshot of the error below.





The Tool 28,29,30 refers to the Salesforce Input Tool in my workflow. Please let me know if you were able to encounter this issue and the resolution used. Thank you.



Best regards,


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Hi @Mwatts23 ,


Mm i assume you're talking about SDK's when you state "installing"? If you installed them on your servermode, it should work i guess.

If it's just a macro, can you try to place the macro on your company's networkdrive i.c.m. with a UNC reference from the workflow, then try and upload it. 


Probably your best bet is to open a supportticket https://alteryx-community.force.com/CustomerCasePortal/s/createrecord/New_Case_Portal_Case?lang=en


Sorry that i couldn't help.





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Hi @Sebastiaandb ,


Thank you for your suggestion. Before I install the Salesforce Input and Tableau output tools, I open the Designer as an Admin and install it for all users both in Local and Server mode. My workflow doesn't have any Macro in it.

I did run a workflow without the Salesforce Input and Tableau output tools and it works fine.