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Web Scraping Worldwide Corporate Tax Rates

12 - Quasar

Hi All --


I am in the process of learning to web scrap (had some success with it a bit) but now have hit a bit of a wall. I want to get information from: 




What I did notice is if you inspect element I can find all the tags.


When I view the page source, the rates do not seem to be there. When I dove a little deeper, they seem to be embedded in an iframe which navigates to:




At this point, I figure I had it, but when I viewed its page source, I don't see anything useful. 


What sort of magic is being used here to mask the table and is there a way to get this data using Alteryx?






9 - Comet

Looks like the page https://s3.amazonaws.com/kpmg-global/tax-rates-tool/index_Corporate.html runs a javascript function when the page is ready. That function does an ajax call that retrieves the tax rates and then displays it in the page.


if you look at the source of the page you will see the reference to a java script


<script language="JavaScript" src="js/js-GM-PRGM-009.js"></script>


Look inside the main function inside the script. The ajax call is being made there, that's as far as i can go.  :D



12 - Quasar

I was able to solve using the Chrome developer tools to find the information source. I pulled the page and figured out how to parse it.


Thank you for the advice.