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Using the Spoiler when posting to the community

7 - Meteor

Hi - I am new to the community and only just getting used to it. I have being doing some practice exercises and would like to post my solutions using the Spoiler Tag that I have seen on other posts. It is very easy to insert the actual Spoiler Tag, but I don't know how to actually "copy" the solution from Designer. I have tried to highlight and select my workflow in Designer, and then "Copy", but it doesn't get saved into my clipboard to then paste into my community reply post. 


I'm clearly (not) doing something very silly on such a basic thing!




16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula
People usually use the spoiler to hide a screenshot of their workflow. The actual workflow yxmd file is attached below.

Adding the information about using the "Spoiler" tag here too in case folks are searching Community for how to do it. 


After you click Reply on the Weekly Challenge you have solved:

There is a special "Spoiler Tag" icon in the WYSIWYG toolbar, click on that and a Spoiler tag section will be added. Then paste the copied screen shot of your workflow / results inside of that. To upload the actual exported workflow (if you export a yxzp from Designer it will include everything required to run the workflow), click below/outside of the Spoiler area and Browse files to attach to select your workflow file.  Click Reply to submit your solution for review. 



Tonya Smith
Sr. Technical Product Manager, cloud App Builder