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Using Alteryx to Generate Bingo Cards

8 - Asteroid

I was looking for a workflow to generate Bingo Cards for an upcoming wedding.  The Bingo card structure is 5 cells by 5 Cells with a free space in the middle. 


Wedding Bingo is an activity where your guests can mark off cards, if they find another guest with the criteria, such as "Has a Blue car."  You can also mark off cells on the card that have the criteria such as if you see the Bride or Groom laugh and so on.  


To create these cards manually it takes such a long time.  So I used Alteryx to generate these.  I created a list of different activities and I have attached the workflow which works to make the activities in random places on the cards.  It exports to a PDF file using the Render Tool. 


The only thing that is missing and requires more research is creating a loop or macro to export different cards all at once to one PDF file.   I would have to turn part of this into a macro. I need roughtly 33 different Bingo cards.  Since this is rather a fun activity I thought I would put it out in the community for advice. 


Does anyone have any suggestions? 

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hey @dawnh80 , this seems very similar to a weekly challenge that lets you choose the number of bingo cards: .

8 - Asteroid

Thank you @PhilipMannering !  I will use this as the solution!

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It's a good idea to use Alteryx to generate those bingo cards for your upcoming wedding. That sounds like a smart move and a real time-saver. Creating them manually can be such a hassle, especially if you need 33 different cards.