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Text to Columns

8 - Asteroid

Hello All: I know this is very simple question but it appears its now working for me. 


I have a column called "item creation date" formatted as follow: 2013-08-23. 


I am trying to split the year into a different column. I am using the text to column function and including the delimiters as - but its not working for me. 


Any help would be much appreciated. 



15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora


Parse tool can be applied to only String type. It seems you try to apply Parse tool to Date type. That should be a reason of error.


I recommend to use DateTime Format functionin Formula tool, which translates date type to string type in your desired format. It's the simplest way. See the attached sample work flow and the below snapshot.



Or, if you'd  like to use Parse tool like Text to Column or RegEx, at first convert from Date type to any String type by Select tool, and then apply Parse tool. This might be convenient if you wish to extract Year, Month, and Date in separate field. Such a samples are also included in attached file.


Hope this would help you.