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Sometimes Input Data of .csv.gz works, sometimes does not - found a bug?

8 - Asteroid

I cannot explain the behavior I'm seeing when trying to input a .CSV.GZ


I think that I might have found a bug?


I see a pattern of what works and what does not.


This works:

When I select a .CSV.GZ from the following options:

1. drag a new Input Data tool to the canvas

2. Go to Files

3. Select the file

4. When prompted to select an option for 'Parse file as' I select 'Comma Separated Value (*csv)'

5. Click run

It works!


Here's how the configuration and the canvas look:



Now, if I take that same Input Tool and just change the file path to look at a different file in the same folder, I get an error 'No file specified in zip archive.'


Then I try click on the three dots to configure 'File in Archive' and select 'Comma Separated Value (*csv)' as above.


But nothing happens.


Here's how the configuration/canvas looks then.




I feel like I have a workaround involving a Directory + Dynamic Input.


1. I configure my Dynamic Input template identical to the Input Data that worked (beginning of post)

2. I read in the file paths w/ the Directory

3. I add '|||datafile.csv' to the end of FullPath using a formula

4. I select the option in Dynamic Input to 'Change Entire File Path' to use 'FullPath' (which has '|||datafile.csv' at the end of it now)