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Simplest way to Connect to Oracle database

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I am want to do a simple input from an Oracle database.  Dont' need to write; don't need in-database function; just want to pull some data from a few tables; join them up, do a bit preparation, and then write the output to local SQL Server DB.


Using tableau, I can download an oracle driver msi file, install, and 1 minute later, I'm connecting to Oracel datbase tables - all good.


For Alteryx, after about an hour of research downloads, installs - i'm still no closer to connecting, and i'm about to give up, and just use Tableau.


My reaserach (including help in this community) tells me that I can't just install an ODBC driver, but I have to install an oracle instant client, and then an instant client package ODBC; and then set-up an ODBC connection in ODBC tool.


Ok - so I download the instant client (after I had to create an Oracle account).  I open up the 54MB zip file - only to find no setup.exe or anything resembling that.


Then I'm directed to the oracle instant client install instructions - which is an 88 page document (i'm not kidding); which deep on page 35 tells me that I have to set window path environment variables; and that I have to download another package - Oracle Univesal Installer and run comand lines to install the client.


This just got too rediculous,  so hard compared to all of the other datasources I've ever connected to..  I give up.


Does anyone have a simpler way to connect Alteryx to an oracle database?







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did you try with New Oracle connection by providing TNS server Name 


Also, take a look at the doc which may help you 

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Thanks for the feedback. We're constantly looking at improving the user experience with Alteryx and your input is very much appreciated.


There are 2 ways you can connect to Oracle. Either natively or via ODBC and to your point, both require the setup and ocnfiguration of drivers on your machine.


If you still can't connect using the document from @s_pichaipillai, I strongly encourage you to reach out to our Client Services origanization so they can guide you step-by-step. Contacts : http://www.alteryx.com/support



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I am in exactly the same situation. I'm finding it extremely difficult to make sense of the help files, and their advice to install drivers. As you say, there was no .exe.


I can access my Oracle data fine in SQL Developer 4.1.3, via TNS network alias. But in Alteryx I get the dreaded 'system.data.oracle client requires 8.1.7 or greater' message.


I'll try to get some help from an Oracle admin next week. I had no idea it would be this confusing!

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Here are 2 links that were very helpful for me :




About the installation of Oracle Client : make sure this is accesible for users with non-admin credentials. you also have to tick the installation of ODBC Oracle drivers.

After this, you have to configure your TNSnames.ora files and your environment variables.


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This video really helped me, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZDDI9HFBIU. It is a short video with clear instructions. All you need to do is follow the video and request the tns entry from your system administrator (i.e. configuring the tnsnames.ora file). Then you can connect using the input tool via the "New ODBC Connection...". Done!


Regards, Zubair

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I was having trouble getting Alteryx to download the Oracle client as well, but I then had success with this download from Oracle:




This one actually has an installer (run the setup application to install).  

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This worked for me - thank you!