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Reading SPSS file (.sav) containing survey data with metadata

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I have a .sav file that I want to perform some analysis on before outputting as .sav again and be able to use a survey analysis tool to continue my analysis on.


I currently have the problem that I lose a lot of my metadata when analysing the data in Alteryx. I'm able to recover the question title by using the description but I lose the full range of options for my categorical data. Is there any good ways to rebuild .sav files without loosing any of this data?



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Did you read this article? https://community.alteryx.com/t5/Alteryx-Knowledge-Base/SPSS-Output/ta-p/55453


It might help you with rebuilding the .sav file

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Hi Andre,


Yes I looked at that one and was able to use it to read in the full question title. However with the .sav file I have, the description field only contains the question, but not the table of values. When reading the processed file into Q (my survey analysis software) it still looses the associated values for the categories.