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Problem reading Adobe Analytics in 10.5

9 - Comet

First of all, this was a long-wanted tool, thanks!


I started using this tool today, but immidiatly encountered a challenge where I only get 10 rows of data and I can only add one metrics?


Spesificly we have [Order ID] as [eVar30], and I want to download ALL [Order ID]s from "Yesterday".


Metric: Revenue

Element (1) Order ID

Element 2-3 not used


Start 2016-05-11

End 2016-05-11

Granualarity not used

Data Center - Seem to not matter, i get same result wich ever I choose.


So my question is if there are any settings I can change anywhere to increase the number of records returned? I have tried using both User Login and API login.


Kind regards,

Jens Petter Røyseth

9 - Comet

Okey, i will give it a shot!