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Problem reading Adobe Analytics in 10.5

9 - Comet

First of all, this was a long-wanted tool, thanks!


I started using this tool today, but immidiatly encountered a challenge where I only get 10 rows of data and I can only add one metrics?


Spesificly we have [Order ID] as [eVar30], and I want to download ALL [Order ID]s from "Yesterday".


Metric: Revenue

Element (1) Order ID

Element 2-3 not used


Start 2016-05-11

End 2016-05-11

Granualarity not used

Data Center - Seem to not matter, i get same result wich ever I choose.


So my question is if there are any settings I can change anywhere to increase the number of records returned? I have tried using both User Login and API login.


Kind regards,

Jens Petter Røyseth

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi Jens,


At the moment the tool can only use 1 metric per tool/instance. If you have ideas on how to improve this or other tools please stop over in the Ideas section and let us know that's the best way to get things in front of the Developers and hear other users ideas or a topics popularity.


While it sounds like you got things up and running I'd also point you towards the "How to Guide" on this tool http://community.alteryx.com/t5/Alteryx-Knowledge-Base/The-How-to-Guide-to-Adobe-Analytics/ta-p/2130...


Lastly your question. Its likely this is what Adobe returns for the inputs you've asked for but I don't know them all and your set up so maybe more is expected. Perhaps you could post what you're seeing compared to what you see via the Adobe site/reports. However I can understand if you don't want to post that here. If so drop me a PM and we can exchange emails or set up another method to view what you're seeing and give support.


RussellD - Alteryx Client Services Representative 

9 - Comet

Hi Russell and thanks for the reply!


The how-to guide is great, that is how I got the setup running.


When it comes to the data extract, It seems to only get the top 10 (order by largest metric), and the data pulled matches the Adobe Analytics on the spot. 


I have attached 3 screenshots, 1 showing an element we define as "tracking code", which is how we track our internal and external campaigns. The two others show the setup of the Adobe Connector tool and the results of it. In the Adobe screenshot you can see that there are more than 10 elements (tracking codes) with visits on them. Both Adobe and the Connector tool has been set to May 18th. The connector tool only show 10 elements.


If I can provide more details to help figure this out, then please let me know.


Kind regards,


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi Jens,


Thanks for the screen shoots. While your data is unique I was able to reproduce what you were experiencing in our testing platforms.  I've sent along all the info to our Developers and they're reviewing this and some other feedback about the tool. They will be working on an update but there is no time line for that right now. I'd check the tool page for updates (currently it's on version 3) so if that changes this will likely be addressed.  Thanks for bringing this to our attention. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Good Morning @RussellD & @jensroy


Thank you for all of the information and letting us know about this issue. 


I have posted an updated version ( of Adobe Analytics to the Gallery that includes a fix for the top 10 element issue. If you download the new tool package and open it it will overwrite the current tool installation so that Alteryx is reading the most recent version. 


The tool will now pull (up to) the top 50,000 items for each element that is chosen. 






9 - Comet

Hi TashaA!


I Did try the tool just now, and maybe I am doing something wrong on my side. The number of Records increased to 50 now (50 elements), but not 50 000.


I opened the Alteryx Gallary, ran the new marco, downloaded it from the link, it installed via alteryx and current version is now  v1.0.0.1. I Closed alteryx and open again, but i am still stuck with 50 records.


I have tried on multiple report suits, different date ranges and different combinations of mertic and elements.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hey @jensroy!


There is a new new version of Adobe available for download on the Gallery now (version 


You should no longer be limited to 50 records. 


Thanks for the heads up on this, let us know if you run into anything else.



11 - Bolide

I have published a new Adobe Analytics  - Connector Toolkit that utilizes a few of the additional capabilities within the Adobe API.  The package is posted on the Data Sources Discussion board here:


Adobe Analytics - Connector Toolkit


The download tool in the package allows you to select from preset date ranges (Today, This Week, This Quarter etc.), multiple elements, classifications of those elements, multiple metrics, and even totals/subtotals for results containing metrics that shouldn't be aggregated (Unique Visitors, etc.).


Per your question/issue above, the tool also allows you to specify the 'Top' and 'Starting With' options.  As Tasha explained above, the API by default returns 10 breakdowns if you don't specify and has a max of 50,000.  You could use this to paginate through results where you potentially have more than 50,000 element breakdowns in your results.


i.e.  Pull #1 = Top 50,000 & Starting with 1   ....   Pull #2 = Top N & Starting with 50,001


I'd love to hear your feedback if you're able to find the tool useful!





9 - Comet



So I have a question about when using more than 1 dimension.

I get output data in a very annoying format.


Let's say

Metric = Revenue

Element 1 = Order ID

Element 2 = Shipping Method


I think most people would expect something like this:

Order 2Fast1000
Order 3Super700
Order 4Slow300

With 1 metric and 1 element, it looks great.

However the second dimension is converted into column headers. Why?

Here is a screen shot of what 2 elements output as.

Here, Activity is one element and Order ID is another. Then I can follow the "1"s to see what order belong to what Activity.

Why?? if I have 5000 activities i get 5000 columns. Sure I can use transpose the data, but after doing that I still need to add many tools to make remove Nulls , remove duplucates and make sure the order does not change after removed duplicates.

Adobe 2 elements.png


Is there an easy way to deal with this?

11 - Bolide

You should try my connector!  (Link in previous post above)