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Pivot data by desired columns

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Would it be possible to achieve pivot solution like that? So I have data normalized and can easily create Pie Chart in Tableau. I would very much appreciate the help.

So the pivot by Steps Passed, Failed, Skipped, Pending, Undefined:


#FeatureStepsPassedStepsFailedStepsSkippedStepsPendingStepsUndefinedStepsTotalScenariosPassedScenariosFailedScenariosTotalFeaturesDurationFeaturesStatusAT Job Name
Test cases for Matching8000081012.843PassedQS_Test_Automation_ITVT
Test cases for Standardization6000061013.277PassedQS_Test_Automation_ITVT


It pivots by Steps Values:


Pivot Field NamePivot Field ValueStepsTotal#FeatureFeaturesDurationFeaturesStatusAT Job Name
StepsPassed88Test cases for Matching2.843PassedQS_Test_Automation_ITVT
StepsPassed66Test cases for Standardization3.277PassedQS_Test_Automation_ITVT
StepsFailed08Test cases for Matching2.843PassedQS_Test_Automation_ITVT
StepsFailed06Test cases for Standardization3.277PassedQS_Test_Automation_ITVT
StepsSkipped08Test cases for Matching2.843PassedQS_Test_Automation_ITVT
StepsSkipped06Test cases for Standardization3.277PassedQS_Test_Automation_ITVT
StepsPending08Test cases for Matching2.843PassedQS_Test_Automation_ITVT
StepsPending06Test cases for Standardization3.277PassedQS_Test_Automation_ITVT
StepsUndefined08Test cases for Matching2.843PassedQS_Test_Automation_ITVT
StepsUndefined06Test cases for Standardization3.277PassedQS_Test_Automation_ITVT


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Hi @dlesny,


Yes, it is possible. You would need to use two select tool, in one you can select the field feature and the other that you want to pivot, instead the other select will keep the other information.


Then, you can pivot the field that you like and join back the other on the field feature.


FInd my solution attached, I hope it works.



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Awesome, Thank you :)