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Performance Profiling in v10

12 - Quasar

A great new feature in v10 is the ability to turn on profiling to see which tools are taking up most of the time in your module.


You can turn it on here in the Workflow Configuration in the Runtime section:





This setting will add a profile of the tool times (in descending order) to your output log:




Thanks to @ScottL for mentioning this at the Analytic Independence Roadshow in London, it's really useful for helping optimise workflows.


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Really great you found that useful!

From your screenshot, it also shows the speed of our regex engine too!

11 - Bolide

This is incredibly useful when debugging workflows that take a lot of time and is similar to the performance recorder in Tableau which allows you to identify which query or workflow is taking a lot of time

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

We’re glad to see this option getting some attention. It’s a great way to see which parts of the workflow might be suitable for optimization.


One other pro-tip worth mentioning: Performance Profiling is intended for use during development and debugging, as it may cause a very slight decrease the overall performance of the workflow, especially with larger workflows and/or with some older operating systems and hardware. This is why the option is unchecked by default.


Once a workflow is ready to move into production, simply uncheck the option and you’re good to go.



Geoff Jones
Director of Creative Services
5 - Atom

Does it work with scheduled jobs?  I was looking at job that runs a long time so I enabled the feature but I didn't see it in the log after it completed.  



6 - Meteoroid

I notice that the sum of the Tool processing times does not add to 100%. I suspect the rest of the time is used actually doing the performance profiling?


Thanks kindly.