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Output Tool : Invalid state to read file ERROR

8 - Asteroid

Hi, I'm having errors with the output tool(maybe it was due to the 2020.3 update on September 1st).


Error Name : 'Invalid state to read file'

I've found out that the error appears only when if there is a file that already exists(ex. FS2.xlsx on the capture below).

If I delete the file FS2.xlsx then run the workflow, the output tool works well.




7 - Meteor

Hi! I'm facing the same. But wierdly Output to xlsx works fine overwriting existing files in one process but fails in another.


I updated to 2020.3 yesterday too 😞

14 - Magnetar

I am having the same issue. This is kind of a huge bug, you guys should release a hot fix asap. 

7 - Meteor

Could you please explain how does bug fixes are usually released? Will it be fixed automatically or we'll have to download another release and reinstall?


Many thanks!

8 - Asteroid

I've contacted Alteryx Support and sent them a workflow showing errors.

I'll catch up if I get any additional replies.

8 - Asteroid

To the current knowledge from the support team, the "Invalid state to read file" happens when:

1. the path of the output file contains a non-English character.

2. the name of the output file contains a non-English character.


I've got an email that The Development team is currently working on these issues.

5 - Atom

Hello there,

Just downloaded the new version 2020.3 and I am getting also this error.



5 - Atom

I am facing the same problem here.
In Portuguese we have characters like 'ç' and 'ã' for example. In my output file, when I removed these characters from the file name, the problem stopped happening.
But this is an old process that has always written to a file with these characters.

5 - Atom

I experience the same issue since the update.

A workaround for me until it is solved, is to change the output option to: "Overwrite Sheet or Range". For me, this seems to be working.

20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus

I am facing the same issue after upgrading to 2o2o.3.

Hope it will be resolved soon.