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Moving content in specific columns based on criteria

6 - Meteoroid

Hello all,


Got a bit of a weird one for you - We have survey data completed where respondants can complete the survey in English or French. If they choose English, they answer questions 1-5 (each of which is an individual column). If they answer French, questions 1-5 remain NULL and they answer answers 6-10. 


However, we are analysing the data in aggregate, regardless of language. 


I am trying to do something like: 

If respondant chose English, then columns 1-5 are the english answers

If respondant chose French, then columns 6-10 (containing the answers) are swapped with columns 1-30 (which are NULL).


Thank you!


Any advice? 

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

The simplest example I can think of is to manually filter Language = "French". In that "true" path, remove 1-5 and rename 6-10 as 1-5 using a select tool. in the "false" path (english), deselect the fields 6-10 in a select tool and then union both together selecting "auto position by name".

6 - Meteoroid

Wow... i guess it's been a long day. So simple! Thanks so much for the quick response 🙂