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Moving File to Gallery

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I have an Excel file which is used as both an input and an output in a workflow (basically as a log file - grab files with create date later than the max in the log file then update the same log file with create dates associated with the newly imported files).  The workflow is saved to our corporate gallery.  The problem is the input version is pointing to a location on the shared drive and the output is saved in the gallery so they are effectively 2 different files and everything in the workflow is thus out of sync.


Usually excel files automatically get saved on the server when saving the workflow to the gallery.  Any idea what I might be missing here?



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Hello @Bonediggler 


Your output tool needs to be directed to the same file location as your input location. Currently, you do have two different versions of the file saving, one locally, and one on the Gallery.

The Gallery must have permissions to that network location in order to write the file back to that same input location.
You will want to make sure that the gallery admin has access to the shared drive in order to let this happen.


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Hi Trevor -


Sorry I think I mis-posed that question.  The crux of the issue is that any time I save a workflow to the gallery that has an Excel file as an input, the file gets loaded to the Alteryx server and is no longer a local file (the path goes from something like "A:\folder1\folder2\file_name.xlsx" to "_externals\1\file_name.xlsx").  For some reason this is not happening with this particular workflow.  Is there anyway I can "force" Alteryx to save this file to the server when the workflow gets saved?


Hi @Bonediggler 


To keep the path from changing to something like "_externals\1\file_name.xlsx" when the workflow is published (and packaged with the workflow), uncheck the asset (file) in the "Manage Workflow Assets" section under "Workflow Options" when publishing the workflow. This will keep the original path to the file.