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Make Snowflake's Views discoverable in Visual Query Builder

9 - Comet

I love the Visual Query Builder, it helped me learn SQL!  I use it to build queries, simple and complex, often.


When connecting to Snowflake via the standard Input Data tool, Views are not discoverable in the Visual Query Builder mode.  What I mean is that when you expand your options on the pane on the right, from database to schema to object, Tables show up in the tree, but Views do not.


You can go to the Tables mode, select a View, then go to Visual Query Builder and modify that View.  However, when I build queries sometimes I need to reference, for example, 3 tables plus 1 view.  I build the query with the tables, but then go to add the view to the builder canvas, and it's not there and switching to Table mode clears the query.


I've used the Visual Query Builder with Redshift and MySQL instances and the Views were there, so I know it's possible in other DB's and think that this would be a simple add for Snowflake as well.


Thanks!  Let me know if you have any questions.

12 - Quasar

I agree. It would make life a lot easier

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Hi all!


Our support team has actually reported that this is an unexpected behavior that we're classifying as a defect. To help properly escalate this for product visibility I've moved this post to our Designer Discussions.


The defect number for this issue is DE17676 and we'll do our best to insure this topic is updated once the defect is fixed.


Thank you for your feedback and patience!

Program Manager - Community Platform, Alteryx
7 - Meteor

10 months later and the Defect is still there. Was DE17676 closed or is still open ? Should we still keep hoping ?


7 - Meteor

2022 checking in - is defect DE17676 going to be fixed?  Would really appreciate being able to see Snowflake Views in the Visual Query Builder!  Thank you.

7 - Meteor

Hi, has there been any resolution to this issue?  I am seeing it currently in Alteryx, do I need to update to a new version?