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JSON build

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I’m using the Alteryz JSON build tool to build an array of JSON objects.   I’m reading from a CSV file and I can set Fields and I would like the Record # to be stored in a variable to be used to build my JSON array so they can be grouped together (Record.0.Address) to build my Jason array. Currently it’s not building as an array but instead as one big json object. Attached is my workflow. Does anyone know a best way to build a JSON object array?2016-02-05_1630_001.png

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Have you tried using the Output tool in JSON mode.


I used that a little while ago to write out JSON files from a database tables and it wrote an array of objects to a json file.




Are you able to share your input data file and an example of what you want the output to look like?

Adam Riley
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Hey @mdata


I have attached a workflow that has a few examples for building JSON objects the contain arrays.  If none of these fit what you are looking for, could you provide an example of your desired outcome?





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I found a custom macro prototype that's really useful.  Attached is the macro for the json create.  I have question as far as creating a loop when reading from a file and process x number of records and append it to a file and repeat the process until all records are done.   I will start that question as a new topic.   Thanks!