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International Drive-Time

8 - Asteroid

Is it possible to calculate a drive-time from locations within the US to locations in Canada. For example,  Chicago to Toronto? I have TomTom and Atlas. I know I could use the Google Drive-Time API to solve this but was wondering if it is possible without pinging an API. 


Thanks in advance, 



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @dtokarz312


I'm assuming you have both the US and Canada spatial/data packages. It's not a supported function - but it's not technically impossible.


I'd encourage you to look at this workflow on the gallery: https://gallery.alteryx.com/#!app/Drive-Time-trade-areas-that-cross-the-US-Canadian-boarder/52c1abdc...


It's meant for handling drivetime trade areas that cross the border - but I believe it could be modified to return Point A to Point B drivetimes. Basically you'd be calculating American/Canadian city to border crossing point, then border crossing point to Canadian/American city, then adding those two drivetime figures together.


That said, using a 3rd party API is probably easier to accomplish this specific task.