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Interface Options providing both Year-to-Date and Monthly options

7 - Meteor

I am trying to provide users the ability to run their workflow to get individual months worth of data as well as Year-to-Date information and I am having difficulty configuring the necessary tools.




Here the use would get the same information.  A report that includes January and February information.  I've tried a configuration like this...


... where one tool container turns on the months individually and another tool container turns on both months.  But it seems no matter how I have tried to configure this type of solution when the Year-to-Date choice is working and providing information for both January and February, the individual month selection on the interface doesn't work. And vice versa, when I configure it so the individual month selection on the interface is working and providing the information for January and February when both selections are made on the interface, the February Year-to-Date selection on the interface doesn't work.


Is there a trick I am missing?


The goal is to be able to run Year-to-Date information for every month of the year (not just January and February as shown in this example) by just making one selection on the interface and also be able to run individual months from the same interface by selecting each month.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.






9 - Comet



If I understand correctly, the objective is to prompt the users to determine which months are to be included in the resulting data set.  This can be done by either:


(1) Manually via selecting individual months within a single year

      (i) Can more than one be selected at a time?

(2) Dynamically via selecting a YTD option that will select all individual months within that year

      (i) Assumption that all years other than 2021 would automatically select 12 months

      (ii) Assumption that in the current year (2021) only the months available would be automatically selected (E.g. if this was run on March 10th, only January, February)


Now when you say YTD.  Are you going to have a resulting data set that shows each month stacked (meaning individual rows for each month) or will the 12 months of data be aggregated?  Without knowing the nature of the data just trying to visualize what we're working with to determine an approach.  In short, if you could show some sample/mocked up data before and after would be useful to help understand the objective.


Thank you.

7 - Meteor



The results are stacked.  So when the user wants to see March YTD the results looks something like this...


Most of the time the user will want year to date information, by that I mean the previous month and all the months prior that would be included in that year to date amount.  So for that I thought a single button on the interface to select a Year to Date for what ever month that was needed would work.  But the user would also like to select individual months. I am trying to figure out the least amount of buttons to click to make that happen.


What is shown below works but requires three selections.  One for each month.




What I was hoping to accomplish was to have a Year-to-Date option like below that would only require one selection.  And have that for each month.



That way the user that want Year-to-Date for say December they doesn't have to make twelve selections and could instead just have a December YTD selection to make.  However I realize trying to have it both ways in that providing both a monthly option selection and year to date option just might not be the way to go.


The goal is just to reduce the clicks the user has to make.


Thanks for your input.



9 - Comet



Thank you. Here's a workflow I put together that appears to accomplish your goal.  I think what you were missing in your workflow was grouping the interface tools.  For example, within the interface designer layout tool you can group drop down menus under a radio button. This allows you to disable the interface tools that are not applicable based on the user's responses.


Let me know if you have any questions.